Morehouse cancels Homecoming Festivities

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By Alexis Grace | on September 03, 2021

By Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

( Students connected the field of Morehouse College. Photo Credit: Morehouse College)

Morehouse College has announced the pugnacious determination to cancel their Homecoming festivities good up of the October 10-17 date.

The escalating dispersed of COVID-19 successful Georgia has prompted the determination arsenic notated by the president of Morehouse.

“Unfortunately, due to the fact that of the escalating dispersed of the COVID-19 microorganism successful Georgia, the Homecoming festivities scheduled for the week of October 10-17, 2021, including the accepted tailgating, person been canceled and volition not beryllium rescheduled,” President David A. Thomas wrote. “The October 16 shot crippled against Fort Valley State University volition beryllium played arsenic scheduled without the Homecoming designation and the fig of tickets disposable to the nationalist volition beryllium reduced to let for carnal societal distancing successful B.T. Harvey Stadium.”

The remainder of the missive from Dr. Thomas is below:

“As you whitethorn know, Morehouse College has worked diligently to make a harmless learning and surviving environment, adjacent arsenic the COVID-19 Delta variant has dispersed passim the authorities and the nation. Through mandatory vaccination policies with constricted exemptions, assertive masking requirements, societal distancing, and robust grounds tracking, Morehouse has been capable to mitigate the dispersed connected our campus. The adjacent 100% complaint of students and employees who person met our vaccination requirement, on with predominant investigating and monitoring, has allowed the College to make a comparatively closed field situation wherever the vaccination and COVID positivity presumption of each pupil and worker is known. 

Unfortunately, this week, Georgia broke a grounds for COVID-19 hospitalizations. The authorities has the sixth-highest per capita corruption complaint successful the federation and an unprecedented fig of young radical person go sick with the virus. Given the circumstances, a monolithic in-person gathering connected our field presents a nationalist wellness hazard to our students which is intolerable to ignore. Keeping our students harmless is our apical priority.

 In bid to fulfill our committedness to support a harmless field situation for our students, Homecoming 2021 volition beryllium replaced with a student-only autumn festival. Access to field connected October 16 volition beryllium constricted to students and employees astatine Morehouse and different Atlanta University Center Consortium institutions, crippled summons holders, and pre-designated visitors. 

We would similar to convey the galore students and alumni who person provided feedback arsenic we made this hard decision, which balances the understandable tendency of our assemblage to stitchery unneurotic with our request to support our students’ safety. If each of america does our portion to support 1 different by getting vaccinated and pursuing different nationalist wellness guidelines, we volition spot each different soon. 

Thank you for your continued enactment for Morehouse College.”

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