No. 3 Republican Steve Scalise Says “Shaming” Won’t Make Republicans Get Vaccinated

2 months ago 17
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At this moment, the delta variant of COVID-19 is devastating areas successful the South East information of the United States. Not surprisingly, galore of these states are led by Republicans.

But portion those Republican voters privation Donald Trump to get recognition for the vaccine, they aren’t funny successful taking it. Steve Scalise, the fig 2 Republican successful congress, waited 7 months to get vaccinated. Now the Louisiana Republican is saying radical should beryllium shamed into getting vaxxed.

Scalise told reporters this weekend, “I person precocious assurance successful this vaccination. It’s harmless and effective. And I deliberation we ought to beryllium encouraging much radical to bash it. But again, not shaming radical who haven’t. We gotta beryllium getting them information, encouraging radical to spell speech to their doctors due to the fact that determination is existent hesitancy retired there.”

The Louisiana Rep. continued, “What we request to beryllium doing is encouraging radical to get vaccinated, not trying to shame radical who are unvaccinated oregon radical that got vaccinated. I had antibodies, truthful I yet made the determination erstwhile I saw the Delta variant picking up, I thought it was important to get vaccinated.”

Scalise closed, “We ought to beryllium confronting that, not trying to disagreement radical based connected who is vaccinated and who is unvaccinated.”

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