Olympian auctions her medal after just one week

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Olympian Maria Andrejczyk has auctioned her metallic medal to assistance money a child's aesculapian procedure.

Andrejczyk placed 2nd successful the javelin astatine the Tokyo Games, a triumph aft she missed a medal by conscionable 2cm astatine Rio 2016. She claimed her metallic medal only a week ago.

But arsenic a subsister of bony cancer, the Polish prima was intent connected paying guardant her bully fortune. She asked the nationalist for suggestions and decided to assistance an eight-month-old lad called Miloszek Małysa, who needs bosom surgery.

"Miloszek has a superior bosom defect. He needs an operation," Andrejczyk, 25, wrote connected Facebook.

"He already has a caput commencement from Kubus - a lad who didn't marque it successful clip but whose astonishing parents decided to walk connected the funds they collected.

"And successful this way, I besides privation to help. It's for him that I americium auctioning my Olympic metallic medal."

Maria Andrejczyk competes successful the javelin astatine the Tokyo Olympic Games. (Getty)
Silver medallist Maria Andrejczyk of Team Poland. (Getty)

Andrejczyk besides told Polish television: "The existent worth of a medal ever remains successful the heart.

"A medal is lone an entity but it tin beryllium of large worth to others.

"This metallic tin prevention lives, alternatively of collecting particulate successful a closet. That is wherefore I decided to auction it to assistance sick children."

Miloszek needs country successful the United States, astatine Stanford University. He has galore analyzable bosom problems, including Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC); large disfunction of his pulmonary veins. A donation leafage connected his behalf was seeking $525,000 to screen each costs.

Miloszek Małysa, arsenic seen connected his donation page. (Supplied)

Andrejczyk's selfless gesture, organised with Miloszek's family, proved wonderfully successful.

The winning bid for her medal, positive different donations made during the auction, totalled astir $260,000; covering astir fractional the cost. The full sum has present astir been met, successful portion acknowledgment to the consciousness raised by Andrejczyk.

Better yet, the auction victor - Polish supermarket concatenation Żabka - paid the bid sum past insisted that Andrejczyk support her medal.

"We were moved by the beauteous and highly noble motion of our Olympian," a spokesperson said.

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