Pokemon Presents August 2021 event: How to re-watch and the biggest reveals

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(Pocket-lint) - The Pokemon Company has wrapped up its Pokemon Presents video presentation, wherever it announced the latest quality connected upcoming Nintendo Switch games specified arsenic Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But that's not each that was revealed during the showcase.

When was Pokemon Presents?

The livestream was scheduled for 18 August 2021 astatine 2pm BST.

How to re-watch Pokemon Presents

Whether you privation to ticker it again oregon if you missed the archetypal stream, you tin inactive drawback it connected the Pokemon YouTube channel. Pocket-lint besides embedded above.

What happened during Pokemon Presents?

Here are the biggest announcements from the latest Pokemon Presents:

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite, which is already disposable connected Nintendo Switch, volition travel to Android and iOS mobile devices connected 22 September 2021 with Switch crossplay. The crippled volition diagnostic Mamoswine and Sylveon arsenic 2 playable Pokemon, too.

Pokemon Cafe Remix

The Switch and mobile puzzle crippled is getting an upgrade that volition beryllium called Pokemon Cafe ReMix. The crippled is adding caller touch-based puzzle elements, much Pokemon and formal options. Oh, and the Pokemon volition beryllium capable to eat.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamon and Shining Pearl

The Pokemon Company revealed much accusation astir the Diamon and Pearl remakes, which volition inactive grant the originals, including the minigames similar the Super Contests. You volition besides beryllium capable to personalise your trainer’s outfit and Poke Balls with stickers that adhd visual, animated effects to throws.

Finally, to observe the games' launch, determination volition beryllium caller Dialga and Palkia Switch Lite consoles.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

We got a glimpse of however Pokemon battles volition enactment successful Legends: Arceus. When battles begin, you volition person benignant options, specified arsenic “strong” oregon “agile," which alteration statistic connected moves successful antithetic situations. Some Pokemon tin besides instrumentality a fewer turns successful a row, based connected their statistics. Four caller Poeémon evolutions and variations are coming to the game’s caller Hisui region, too. They're Wyrdeer, Hisuian Growlithe, Hisuian Braviary, and Basculegion, and an improvement of Basculin.

Is that it?

Nope. Not lone are Pokemon fans getting updates connected free-to-play MOBA Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Cafe Mix, but besides five-year-old mobile crippled Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters EX.

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