Port star fights tears discussing racism in AFL

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Port Adelaide halfback Karl Amon has fought backmost tears erstwhile discussing however hard it is for Indigenous AFL players to woody with racism.

Speaking aft Carlton icon Eddie Betts announced his status from the game, Amon echoed the 34-year-old's sentiment that the league was not "safe" for Indigenous players.

"It's been beauteous challenging to beryllium honest. I deliberation Eddie Betts has been moving that mostly and he's a ample dependable for the Indigenous players crossed the competition," a visibly affectional Amon said erstwhile asked astir dealing with racism.

"You would person seen [Betts'] interrogation connected AFL360 and it touches the bosom a small bit. Yeah, it's been beauteous tough."

Amon echoed Betts' sentiment that the AFL was an unsafe situation for Indigenous players (Getty)

Like Betts, Amon besides suggested that acquisition astir racism was the mode forward.

"I deliberation we bull it unneurotic and unluckily for Eddie he's the benignant of look of the response," helium said.

"The sooner we tin amended radical and determination connected from this and truly telephone retired what happens, the amended the AFL volition beryllium and aboriginal Indigenous boys volition consciousness much comfy coming into the system.

"Young kids coming done whitethorn not consciousness harmless and you cognize they whitethorn wonderment if this happens to maine however americium I going to respond and each that benignant of stuff.

"I think, for Eddie, what helium touched connected is spot connected and I conjecture arsenic elder Indigenous players of the league if we tin alteration this astir for young kids coming done and marque them consciousness much comfy past it's going to beryllium a measurement successful the close direction."

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