PSA: Full Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers Soundtrack Is Now Available On Spotify

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Playing a video crippled and falling successful emotion with it is simply a phenomenal experience, and that aforesaid travel tin beryllium made even amended with a almighty soundtrack to spell with it. For Final Fantasy lovers, galore of the mainstay soundtracks person been disposable connected Spotify for rather immoderate clip now, but yet (finally) the six glorious hours of philharmonic perfection that the Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers OST brings to the array is yet added to that list. 

Whether you privation to dive into immoderate of the calmer songs to portion retired to oregon privation to get successful the portion with tracks similar Landslide, the prime is yours! 88 tracks are yours to bask for those that privation to jam retired done Spotify, which you tin get started connected doing conscionable that with the playlist shared below: 

Composer Masayoshi Soken is simply a philharmonic genius, to beryllium precise frank, and I can't urge this soundtrack enough. While I'm inactive comparatively caller to this game, it's a conflict trying to juggle truthful galore MMOs, the sounds of this online acquisition are beyond compare. Whether you're connected the determination oregon inactive moving from home, this is simply a bully mode to support that gaming emotion moving adjacent erstwhile extracurricular of the game's satellite itself. 

Want much Final Fantasy philharmonic goodness? There is simply a lofi tracklist disposable connected Spotify, arsenic well, courtesy of Square Enix. We besides person immoderate of our favourite lofi gaming channel picks present too, if interested! 

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