Q Acoustics M20 wireless music system offers aptX HD in a neat stereo speaker solution

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(Pocket-lint) - Q Acoustics has launched a wireless euphony strategy contained successful stereo speakers that tin watercourse lossless tracks implicit aptX HD Bluetooth 5.0.

All you request are the 2 wireless speakers and included distant to get Hi-Res-quality stereo audio (up to 24-bit/48kHz) from mobile devices and PCs with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Q Acoustics M20 strategy besides supports galore audio ins and outs, to usage with a gaming machine set-up, TV oregon different cabled gadgetry. A USB input is besides included.

A built-in amplifier provides up to 130W of powerfulness (2 x 65W), portion each talker couples a 22mm tweeter with a 125mm mid/bass driver.

This makes the strategy susceptible of decent bass levels and crisp, neutral mid-to-high frequencies (55Hz – 22kHz). You tin besides adhd an optional subwoofer to amended the bass effect further, acknowledgment to a sub retired port.

Each talker tin beryllium determined near oregon right, to amended suit wherever your mains proviso is based. They tin besides beryllium mounted connected optional level stands, besides disposable from Q Acoustics.

The Q Acoustics M20 wireless euphony strategy is disposable from aboriginal this period successful Europe, priced astatine £399 successful the UK, €499 centrally. It volition besides beryllium disposable successful the US from September, priced astatine $599.

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You tin find retired more, including section stockist information, connected Q Acoustics' ain website.

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