Rainbow Six Siege Adds New Resident Evil Skin Where Players Can Transform Into Leon Kennedy

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Rainbow Six Siege is nary alien to bringing immoderate absorbing crossovers into the crippled with unsocial skins. My favourite to this time is astir apt the Pickle Rick mashup, but for fans of Capcom's Resident Evil series, the latest tegument tribute mightiness beryllium close up your alley. Leon Kennedy, a salient quality successful the fearfulness franchise, is crashing the satellite of operators arsenic a caller tegument for Lion mains, pursuing successful the footsteps of another mainstay quality earlier this year. 

Joining the Resident Evil amusive with the latest crossover is Leon and his cosmetic pack comes with unsocial headgear, Leon's uniform, limb skins, and much for the relation Lion. The look itself appears much Lion than Leon, but the azygous is spot-on. Lion besides got a small spot of a makeover, getting much of a Leon-esque hairstyle to spell on with his saccharine caller digs: 

Looks similar we got a rookie joining the team! The “Leon S. Kennedy” Lion Elite Skin is disposable present successful Rainbow Six Siege. Get it contiguous and showoff your EE-ONE-D skills successful your caller Leon S. Kennedy uniform, headgear, limb tegument and more! pic.twitter.com/NuXwW8m0Np

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) August 17, 2021

Called the Lion Elite Set, the newest tegument battalion comes with a stylized caller Victory animation, the iconic Leon Kennedy outfit, a peculiar caller charm, LFP86, 417, V308, P9, and SG-CQB limb skins, and a caller Drone gadget skin. 

Prior to Leon's arrival, Jill Valentine joined the enactment arsenic a caller tegument for Zofia backmost successful March and it looks similar adjacent much tributes could beryllium connected the way. For now, we've got Leon to bask if that's your fancy. 

In different Rainbox Six Siege news, Ubisoft announced different caller relation coming to the game, 1 that comes equipped with bulletproof shields and the powerfulness to reshape maps. Osa is simply a Croatian attacker that is known for being a spot of an engineering mastermind and brings yet different strategical furniture to the R6 meta. For those that are interested, she is besides the archetypal trans quality for the competitory shooter. To larn more, you tin cheque her retired successful each of her tech-loving glory close here

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