Republican Party Removes Page Praising Trump’s Taliban Deal

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In the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the Republican Party has removed a leafage from its website that praised erstwhile President Donald Trump’s bid woody with the Taliban and his pledge to retreat American troops from the embattled nation.

Below is simply a screenshot of the archived page, which was recorded by the Wayback Machine:


Washington Post newsman Dave Weigel was the archetypal to announcement the page’s removal, noting: “How rapidly tin the authorities astir Afghanistan change?”

How rapidly tin the authorities astir Afghanistan change? Here's a conception connected the RNC's website successful June; click it present and you get a 404 error. (Rest of leafage was astir Kosovo/Israel-Arab deals.)


In caller days, Trump issued a statement remarking connected what helium called the “tragic mess” successful Afghanistan and different issues, specified arsenic precocious inflation, that are straight affecting the United States.

Trump’s connection came amid news that the United States was readying a swifter evacuation arsenic cities astir Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

Trump’s medication had projected leaving Afghanistan by January 15, 2021.

“By May, it is President Trump’s anticipation that they volition each travel location safely — and successful their entirety,” then-national information advisor Robert O’Brien said at the time. “I privation to reiterate that this argumentation is not new. This has been the president’s argumentation since helium took office.”

Trump was mostly supportive of an Afghanistan withdrawal. In April, helium enactment himself astatine likelihood with different Republicans erstwhile helium suggested that American troops should permission Afghanistan up of President Joe Biden’s projected deadline of September 11.

“I made aboriginal retreat imaginable by already pulling overmuch of our billions of dollars and instrumentality retired and, much importantly, reducing our subject beingness to little than 2,000 troops from the 16,000 level that was there,” he said.

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