Samsung The Terrace TV initial review: Great viewing in the great outdoors

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is 1 of the biggest names successful TV. While astir volition beryllium acquainted with its accepted range, it has a 2nd range, which it calls "lifestyle".

You mightiness deliberation that each TV is astir lifestyle, but erstwhile you've seen the offerings from Samsung successful this category, things go a small clearer.

These manner TVs are casual to spot, with names that due to the fact that with "The" alternatively than a agelong analyzable acceptable of numbers and letters - The Sero, The Serif, The Frame.

We acceptable eyes connected The Terrace, to spot what Samsung's outdoor TV offers.

Design and build

  • 55, 65 and 75 inch sizes
  • IP55 rating
  • VESA equine and soundbar mounts

To look at, The Terrace mightiness conscionable look similar a somewhat thicker tv than Samsung's different sets. That is so true, it is thicker, but 1 crushed for this is that The Terrace has been designed for installation outside.

That mightiness look similar a somewhat unusual proposition successful a bedewed and windy UK oregon bluish Europe, but Samsung believes determination is simply a marketplace for specified TVs, with 3 sizes disposable 55, 65 and a large 75-inch.

While that mightiness look perfectly placed connected a Californian oregon Mediterranean terrace, determination are immoderate customers who privation to person a TV outdoors, to grow the offering of their outdoor seating area, perfect for watching summertime sports oregon entertaining.


Samsung The Terrace photograph  8

Protection from the upwind is of people a origin and The Terrace does travel with a screen to support the TV and a soundbar (if you've attached one) truthful you tin support the upwind distant from it erstwhile you're not utilizing it. It's designed to beryllium installed and near extracurricular each the time.

The TV itself has an IP55 rating. This is antithetic for a television, but IP ratings are acquainted from headphones and mobile devices these days, truthful you'll cognize that IP55 means it doesn't substance if it rains connected your TV and the upwind won't stroke particulate into it.

Samsung besides says that this instrumentality is designed to run betwixt -30 and 50C (-22 - 122F).


Samsung The Terrace photograph  4

From a plan constituent of presumption there's a Gore-Tex seal, portion a sheet connected the backmost covers each the connections. That not lone means it looks bully and tidy, but keeps the h2o retired too.

There's a afloat enactment of connections connected the rear, including 3x HDMI and USB, besides supporting optical and eARC - truthful it's afloat loaded.

Of course, you volition request a powerfulness proviso for this TV, truthful it's advisable that you person it installed by idiosyncratic qualified to guarantee you person h2o extortion determination too; whether you person tons of connected devices, oregon conscionable usage Samsung's astute level to watercourse contented connected this TV is up to you.

There's a modular VESA equine connected the rear, truthful you tin take however you instal it, portion the TV itself has mounting points truthful you tin bent a soundbar disconnected it too, with a three-channel Terrace soundbar designed to match.


Naturally, the distant power is besides waterproof, portion the screen includes a pouch to enactment the  remote in.

Features and performance

  • 2000 nit highest brightness
  • Anti-reflection display
  • Streaming apps
  • AirPlay 2, Alexa, Google Assistant

Aside from dealing with the weather, the different obstacle that The Terrace needs to flooded is the sun. We encountered The Terrace connected a rooftop veranda, with a tiny shadiness supra it: we ideate that astir radical volition instal it successful a determination with immoderate overhead cover, but inactive dealing with reflections if going to beryllium a factor.

To chopped done reflections, this is simply a 2000 nit QLED panel. It has a afloat array illumination, truthful that's coming from straight down the panel, but enactment that this is 4K QLED alternatively than the newer Neo QLED that you'll find connected Samsung's latest "indoor" TVs.

The TV has an anti-reflection surface connected it, designed to chopped retired the glare that you mightiness get erstwhile the prima is shining bright.

We were fortunate to person immoderate beardown sunshine during our viewing and immoderate reflections volition inactive look connected the screen. To a definite extent, the implicit show of the TV whitethorn good beryllium governed by wherever it is installed, the absorption the prima falls connected that country and what furnishings oregon different surfaces you person successful the area, due to the fact that that's what volition perchance beryllium reflected successful the screen.


Samsung The Terrace photograph  2

Generally speaking this isn't designed to beryllium a TV that you'll usage for your eventual location cinema setup and from what we saw, it tin woody with the worst of the reflections truthful you bask that outdoor amusement immoderate the weather.

We were mostly watching Samsung illustration contented - truthful it's designed to look bully - but adjacent looking astatine the menus and different on-screen navigation had that crisp and affluent quality that you expect from a Samsung TV.

The TV has a 20W dependable strategy built in, but it's designed to beryllium utilized with the Terrace Soundbar, a three-channel barroom that volition bent underneath and springiness you a overmuch much coagulated performance. We had a tiny blast connected that soundbar, which volition present the measurement and springiness you a richer audio acquisition - but hopefully, your neighbours won't beryllium sitting excessively close.


Samsung The Terrace photograph  6

Back to the TV itself and this is afloat equipped with Samsung's astute features, truthful not lone does it person a tuner (if you're readying to hook it up for terrestrial TV), but it tin usage its autochthonal apps to watercourse the large services - portion allowing a transportation to your telephone to watercourse from that too.

It supports Samsung SmartThings and Apple AirPlay 2, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it works with Google Assistant and Alexa too, it's the afloat package.

Naturally, successful the mounting we saw The Terrace, we didn't person the accidental to afloat measure the show of the TV, but if you're looking astatine an outdoor installation your choices are alternatively much constricted than if you are looking astatine successful indoor TV.

First Impressions

The Terrace is an costly TV, but if you're looking astatine installing an further TV outside, there's a bully accidental that you person a fund that volition accommodate this small portion of luxury. There are cheaper outdoor TVs retired there, but erstwhile it comes to apical brands, Samsung it beauteous overmuch retired connected its own.

We can't afloat measure the show of this TV, but having seen it operating successful its earthy environment, the awesome brightness and that popular from Samsung's QLED show surely looks good. It's an absorbing option, apt for the few, but if you privation an outdoor TV past The Terrace surely delivers.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 19 August 2021.

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