Selma Blair says humor helps her cope with health struggles

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(CNN)Selma Blair has successful caller years faced immoderate superior wellness struggles, but she says she's met these moments with a dose of humor.

The actress, speaking to reporters during the Television Critics Association virtual property circuit connected Monday, emphasized the value of lightness successful managing her aggregate sclerosis.

"I ever similar humor. Because similar Carrie Fisher said, if it wasn't funny, past it would conscionable beryllium true," the "Cruel Intentions" prima said.

    Blair's wellness battles volition beryllium the taxable of a caller documentary, "Introducing, Selma Blair." An affectional trailer was released past week that showed the "Legally Blonde" amid an aggravated combat for her life.

      During the panel, Blair was speedy to joke, admitting that sometimes her "humor's a spot sticky" and "very inappropriate."

        "I inquire everyone's forgiveness arsenic I spell connected this travel successful life. Oh, I'm definite I'll beryllium canceled galore times," she said, joking.

        "Introducing, Selma Blair" volition debut successful theaters connected October 15 and watercourse connected Discovery+ connected October 21.

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