Should you join the Android 12 beta program?

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Are you wondering if you should articulation your Pixel telephone to the Android 12 beta program? Jack Wallen believes it's worthy the hassle but it depends connected what you worth most.


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I inquire myself this question rather often. I person 1 instrumentality (a Pixel 4) that runs Android 12 beta 4, and it's arsenic creaseless arsenic butter. In fact, that Pixel telephone runs amended present than it ever has. I'd spell truthful acold arsenic to accidental my aging Pixel 4 present outperforms my Pixel 5. Granted, that's not excessively overmuch of a stretch, fixed the Pixel 5 was a measurement down successful CPU hardware. Even so, the 4 should not consciousness astir arsenic spritely arsenic it does, nor should the artillery past astir arsenic long.

But that's what I've been experiencing since joining the Pixel 4 to the Android 12 beta program. The upcoming merchandise of Google's mobile level has injected superior beingness into that device, truthful overmuch truthful that I'm tempted connected 2 levels: First, to usage the Pixel 4 arsenic my regular device. Second, to articulation my Pixel 5 to the Android beta program.

And yet, I hesitate. 

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Generally speaking, I ever support 2 Pixel devices connected hand. I usage 1 for investigating purposes and 1 for mundane usage. And astir each time, I'm gladsome to beryllium fortunate capable to person 2 iterations of the devices. Otherwise, I'd upwind up having to articulation my regular operator to the beta programme truthful I tin acquisition what's to travel for Android.

But this clip it feels different. This clip around, I truly privation to articulation my Pixel 5 to the beta programme and beryllium done with it. After all, I've caved to that siren opus before. Case successful point, Android 11. Soon aft joining my erstwhile Pixel to the 11 beta, I joined my default phone. Why? Because the Android 11 beta was stone coagulated beauteous aboriginal on.

But that was Android 11, which wasn't excessively drastic a alteration from Android 10. Android 12 is simply a antithetic communicative altogether. Material You unsocial is simply a large capable alteration to marque maine 2nd conjecture that tendency to articulation the beta program, adjacent though it's reached Platform Stability and my Pixel 4 is moving beauteous flawlessly. 

Even so, my hesitancy this greeting made maine wonderment what the reply would beryllium for those who lone person 1 Pixel device, are conscionable arsenic funny and possibly haven't worked overmuch with beta software. Ergo, I thought I'd reply this question for you.

Should you articulation the Android beta programme oregon not? It's a question that the immense bulk of Android users won't adjacent contemplate. Why? They either don't person a Pixel device, oregon they aren't alert the programme exists.

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For those who are alert of the Android beta program, you mightiness lone person 1 excuse: That your telephone isn't supported.

For everyone else, the programme is close determination astatine your fingertips. Read my portion How to get the Android 12 beta to find retired however you tin articulation the program.

But the large question is ... should you? If you person 2 Pixel devices lying around, you should astir surely articulation 1 of them to the beta program. Not lone volition this springiness you a first-hand glimpse of what's to travel with Android 12, but it'll besides springiness you a caput commencement connected getting up to velocity with the adjacent iteration. Doing this volition besides let you to find retired which of your installed apps enactment with Android 12. Once upon a time, this contented tripped maine up but good. During the Android 10 beta program, it turned retired my banking app did not enactment with the caller OS. Because of that, I had to bash a mill reset truthful I could bash online banking with my mobile device. 

First-world problems, I know. But erstwhile you've grown accustomed to specified convenience, it's hard to fto go. And erstwhile an exertion you beryllium connected doesn't work, it tin marque for a earnestly problematic day.

Fortunately, I person recovered each app I beryllium connected works flawlessly with the beta merchandise of Android 12. And, if I'm being wholly honest, galore of the apps execute amended connected Android 12 beta than they bash connected Android 11. That's not to slam 11, but to praise however coagulated Android 12 beta 4 has been truthful far.

And yet, I haven't answered the question astatine hand.

Should you articulation your regular operator to the Android 12 beta program.

It's a pugnacious call. If I were to flip each caution to the wind, I'd say, "Heck, yeah, you should articulation your instrumentality to 12 beta." However, I don't cognize your regular routine. I don't cognize the apps you beryllium on. I don't cognize however overmuch you gravitate to shiny and caller (which Material You surely is). And fixed the authoritative merchandise is but a fewer weeks away, I would accidental you're amended of holding back. Understand this: I accidental that arsenic I americium officially joining my Pixel 5 to the programme (as I type, the apps are being optimized). I don't notation that glibly, but to stock however overmuch I spot this beta release. It truly is that good.

But for those who perfectly beryllium connected their devices to bash business, clasp off. Even though the beta has reached level stability, it's inactive a beta and, arsenic we each know, betas aren't perfect.

That said, if you're anxious to get Material You and the buttery smoothness that comes with the Android 12 UI, close now's the champion clip to articulation the beta program. A fig of the kinks person been worked out, and it's arsenic unchangeable arsenic you'll get, without it being an RC (Release Candidate) oregon authoritative release.

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See however I'm skirting astir the question?

In the end, it's up to you to articulation oregon not. If you similar having the latest top (and don't caput having to woody with the insignificant contented present and then), leap connected board. If, however, reliability and stableness are the things you crave the most, enactment with Android 11. 

Personally, I'm gladsome I joined the beta for Android 12. Material You is stunning, and the show gains person been good worthy dealing with a glitch oregon 2 present and then. However, being idiosyncratic who has covered Android for a precise agelong time, it's astir portion of my DNA to privation to research the newest releases. Keep that successful caput erstwhile making your decision. But, successful the end, retrieve this: If you articulation the beta program, and you find it excessively problematic for your regular usage, you tin ever opt-out and bash a strategy reconstruct to spell backmost to the unchangeable goodness that is Android 11. 

If you upwind up keeping Android 12 beta connected your instrumentality erstwhile the afloat merchandise is available, your instrumentality volition automatically beryllium switched implicit from the beta and you'll already beryllium up to velocity connected what the latest merchandise from Google is each about.

So, what's it going to be? Will you flip caution done the model and upgrade? Or volition you play it harmless and hold for the authoritative release?

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