SolarWinds makes DBA xPress free to support DataOps

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The caller instrumentality should assistance marque unreality migrations little achy for database managers, according to the company.

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SolarWinds announced Tuesday that its DBA xPress product is present disposable arsenic a escaped tool. DBA xPress automates information and schema comparisons and information dependencies, arsenic portion of the database re-architecture process required for unreality migrations. 

Rohini Kasturi, main merchandise serviceman astatine SolarWinds, said successful a property merchandise that the instrumentality should assistance companies and particularly database managers trim the clip and disbursal of unreality migration projects. 

"To win successful migrating from 1 situation to another, teams request to optimize their information to maximize the show of cloud-hosted databases and follow solutions that alteration DataOps practices to thrust ratio and productivity," helium said. "We're hoping to kickstart and simplify this optimization process for DBAs, DevOps teams, tech pros, and concern leaders alike by offering DBA xPress for free."

SEE: Seagate, IDC: DataOps is the cardinal to occurrence with analytics but requires concern proprietor buy-in (TechRepublic)

The institution said the determination to marque the instrumentality escaped was influenced by its caller Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls that identified implementation challenges arsenic the biggest hurdle to implementing a DataOps approach. According to the company, survey respondents listed a deficiency of due training/education/tooling (44%) and a deficiency of fund (44%) arsenic the apical challenges to implementing DataOps, followed intimately by trouble securing buy-in from concern enactment (33%).

The instrumentality has aggregate components, including a information inspector, a information root analyzer, information surf, an entity browser, a schema inspector, a schema inspector snapshot instrumentality and a schema surf. These capabilities can:

  • Compare databases and synchronize the schema and information wrong them.
  • Automate schema and information synchronization via bid enactment interface (CLI).
  • Analyze dependencies and connections among tables, users, functions, and information policies.
  • Browse the contented of SQL Server databases, entree the scripts for each object, and export them.

A caller survey recovered that regulated industries are starring the mode with the modulation to a DataOps approach. The caller report, "DataOps Dilemma: Survey Reveals Gap successful the Data Supply Chain" looks astatine gaps, points of friction and mismatches successful resources. S&P Global Market Intelligence and Immuta asked 525 information experts astir however good DataOps is going. The survey recovered that companies successful regulated industries are starring the mode with less challenges with information entree and use. These companies that are taxable to information privateness and extortion regulations specified arsenic GDPR are besides much apt to person a dedicated information engineering squad and to supply self-service analytics.

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