Taylor placed on report for knee on Storm star

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Gold Coast Titans halfback Ash Taylor is successful blistery h2o aft being placed connected study for a genu to the caput of Melbourne Storm prima Nicho Hynes.

Taylor's frustrations boiled implicit arsenic his squad coughed up a 10-0 pb to the ladder-leaders, who recorded their 19th consecutive triumph with the 34-20 result.

The incidental occurred connected a hit-up from Hynes erstwhile helium was tackled to the crushed by Taylor and Titans teammate Brian Kelly.

Taylor grappled with Hynes portion helium was connected the turf earlier getting up and driving his close genu into the Storm star's head.

Replays showed Taylor driving his close genu into the broadside of Hynes' caput arsenic the Storm prima attempted to get up disconnected the crushed (Nine)

"You tin spot helium was giving it a spot to Nicho Hynes and past close astatine the extremity helium conscionable gives him a genu close to the head," Nine's sideline newsman Emma Lawrence said.

"The concerning portion for the Titans is they've got the Knights and the Warriors implicit the adjacent mates of weeks, and fundamentally some are must-wins if they are to marque the apical eight."

The Taylor incidental is not the lone headache to travel retired of the nonaccomplishment to Melbourne for manager Justin Holbrook, with seasoned Kevin Proctor suffering a enarthrosis wounded successful the archetypal half.

The 32-year-old came disconnected aft conscionable 8 minutes, and contempt the Titans aesculapian unit stating he'd travel backmost connected successful the 2nd half, helium did not reappear.

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