Tesla AI Day Is Thursday. Why It’s a Big Day for the Stock.

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Updated Aug. 18, 2021 7:32 americium ET / Original Aug. 18, 2021 5:30 americium ET

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Tesla Model Y

Courtesy of Tesla

Former defence caput Donald Rumsfeld said determination are known knowns—things radical know—known unknowns—things radical cognize they don’t know—and chartless unknowns—things radical don’t recognize they don’t know. That beauteous overmuch sums up autonomous driving technology these days.

It isn’t wide however agelong it volition instrumentality the car manufacture to present genuinely self-driving cars. Thursday evening, however, investors volition get an acquisition astir what’s authorities of the creation erstwhile Tesla (ticker: TSLA) hosts its artificial quality day.

The lawsuit volition apt beryllium livestreamed connected the company’s website opening astir 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. A nexus to the webcast isn’t disposable yet. The institution didn’t respond to a petition for remark astir the docket for the event.

Much of what volition get talked astir won’t beryllium a surprise, adjacent if investors don’t recognize it all. Those are known unknowns.

Tesla should update investors astir its operator assistance diagnostic dubbed afloat aforesaid driving. What’s more, the institution volition picture the payment of vertical integration. Tesla makes the hardware—its ain computers with its ain microchips—and its software. Tesla mightiness adjacent springiness a much definitive timeline for erstwhile Level 4 autonomous vehicles volition beryllium ready.

Roth Capital expert Craig Irwin doesn’t judge Level 4 exertion is connected the skyline though. He tells Barron’s the computing powerfulness and camera solution conscionable isn’t determination yet. “Tesla volition enactment hard to suggest tech enactment successful AI for automotive,” says Irwin. “Reality volition astir apt beryllium overmuch little breathtaking than their claims.”

Irwin rates Tesla shares Hold. His terms people is conscionable $150 a share.

The car manufacture fundamentally defines five levels of autonomous driving. Level 1 is thing much than cruise control. Level 2 systems are disposable connected cars contiguous and harvester features specified arsenic adaptive cruise and lane-keeping assistance, enabling the car to bash a batch connected its own. Drivers, however, inactive request to wage attraction 100% of the clip with Level 2 systems.

Level 3 systems would let drivers to halt paying attraction portion of the time. Level 4 would fto them halt paying attraction astir of the time. And Level 5 means the car does everything always. “Level 5 autonomy isn’t an casual endeavor,” says Global X expert Pedro Palandrani. There are truthful galore unsocial cases for exertion to tackle, similar successful atrocious upwind oregon ungraded roads. “But level 4 is capable to alteration the world.” helium added. He is much optimistic than Irwin astir the timing for Level 4 systems and hopes Tesla provides much timing item astatine its event.

Beyond a exertion tally down and level 4 timing, the institution mightiness person immoderate surprises up its sleeve for investors. Palandrani has 2 ideas.

For starters, Tesla mightiness bespeak it’s consenting to merchantability its hardware and bundle to different car companies. That would springiness Tesla different unexpected, sources of income. Tesla already offers its afloat aforesaid driving arsenic a monthly subscription to owners of its cars. That’s caller for the car manufacture and opens up a root of recurring gross for anyone with the requisite technology. Selling hardware and bundle to different car companies, however, would beryllium new, and surprising, for investors.

Tesla mightiness besides speech astir its advancements successful robotics. CEO Elon Musk has talked often successful the past astir the trouble of making the instrumentality that makes the machine. Some of Tesla’s AI efforts mightiness besides beryllium targeted astatine building, and not conscionable driving, vehicles. “We’re conscionable making a brainsick magnitude of machinery internally,” said Musk connected the company’s second-quarter league call. “This is….not good understood.”

Those are 2 items that tin surprise. Whether they, oregon different tidbits, volition determination the banal is thing other entirely.

Tesla banal dropped astir 7% implicit Monday and Tuesday partially due to the fact that NHTSA disclosed it was looking into accidents involving Tesla’s operator assistance features. Tesla volition surely accent the information benefits of operator assistance features connected Thursday, whether it tin shingle disconnected that spot of atrocious quality though is harder to tell.

“Thursday becomes a overmuch much important lawsuit successful airy of this week’s [NHTSA] probe,” says Wedbush expert Dan Ives. “This week has been different pugnacious week for Tesla [stock] and the Street needs immoderate bully quality heading into this AI event.”

Ives rates Tesla shares Buy and has a $1,000 terms people for the stock. Tesla’s autonomous driving enactment is portion of his bullish instrumentality connected shares.

If past is immoderate usher investors should expect volatility. Tesla banal dropped 10% the time pursuing its battery exertion event successful September 2020. It took shares astir 7 trading days to recover, and Tesla banal gained astir 86% from the artillery lawsuit to year-end.

Tesla banal is down astir 6% twelvemonth to date, trailing down the 18% and 15% comparable, respective gains of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. Tesla banal hasn’t moved much, successful implicit terms, since March. Shares were successful the precocious $600s backmost then. They closed down 3% astatine $665.71 connected Tuesday, but are up 1.3% astatine $674.19 successful premarket trading Wednesday.

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