The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Pledges $1M To Hurricane Ida Relief Efforts

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By Alexis Grace | on August 31, 2021

By Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

Few motorists question connected the 1-10 up of the accomplishment of Hurricane Ida successful New Orleans, Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. (Photo Credit: David Grunfeld/The Advocate via AP)

In effect to the interaction of Hurricane Ida successful Louisiana, Mississippi and the storm’s ongoing interaction arsenic it continues to determination north, Arthur M. Blank contiguous announced 2 grants done his household instauration totaling $1 cardinal to the American Red Cross and the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

“This storm’s interaction connected galore radical and communities volition beryllium felt for immoderate clip and that includes galore of our family, friends and associates crossed our portfolio of businesses and instauration who person idiosyncratic connections to the Gulf Coast,” said Blank. “Many of the communities being devastated by this tempest are already reeling from COVID. So galore are without powerfulness and resources are already stretched thin, truthful it is not lone impacting those who were successful the storm’s path, but besides those who’ve been called upon to assistance those areas get backmost connected their feet. We are successful a clip of crisis, and we’re truthful grateful for the archetypal responders, wellness attraction workers and different nationalist servants who are already going supra and beyond. We anticipation to play a tiny portion successful helping those communities retrieve by supporting 2 organizations providing alleviation connected the ground. We promote others to articulation the effort to assistance those impacted by this storm.”

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is making commitments of $500,000 each to The American Red Cross and the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF). The Red Cross is presently connected the crushed moving astir the timepiece to assistance those affected by the hurricane, and the GNOF is supporting non-profit partners that volition beryllium captious to addressing assorted problems caused by the storm. To enactment their efforts, delight donate by visiting:

“At times similar these, I anticipation we tin acceptable speech the things that disagreement america successful a tone of unity to assistance others suffering done a situation simply due to the fact that it’s the close happening to do,” said Blank.

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