The Rise in Atlanta’s COVID-19 Cases brings Pride 2021 to an Abrupt Cancellation

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By Alexis Grace | on August 31, 2021

By Alexis Grace | The Atlanta Voice

(Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms takes a selfie during the Atlanta Pride parade. Photo Credit: City of Atlanta)

After extended consideration, The Atlanta Pride Committee has decided to cancel their 2021 Pride Celebration owed to COVID-19 concerns. This determination was made owed to the precocious summation of Delta Variant cases. 

They stated successful an Instagram post, “It is with a dense bosom we denote the cancellation of our in-person events this October 8-10, including our much-anticipated festival and parade. After a caller committee meeting, the Atlanta Pride Committee came to a unanimous ballot successful enactment of canceling.”

They aboriginal shared the results of a survey they conducted with their attendees, vendors, and societal media followers earlier canceling.

It showed that much than 40 percent of the corporate stated that they were unsure astir being successful attendance due to the fact that of COVID-19 concerns. 42 percent of their assemblage believed the Committee should resume ample events erstwhile the CDC deemed it safe. 7.5 percent were wholly comfy with continuing Pride Events arsenic they usually were. While 13 percent wanted to proceed nary substance the circumstances.

Being that the LGBTQ+ Community was “at the bosom of what they bash ” and the Committee’s biggest concern, determination was nary regret that this determination was successful vain. 

It has been emphasized for those that purchased VIP tickets, marketplace booths, oregon selected arsenic a parade subordinate oregon sponsor to beryllium looking retired for an email and announcement wrong the adjacent week but to stay diligent arsenic they guarantee they volition assistance everyone arsenic rapidly arsenic they can. 

Recorded cases of COVID-19 has continued to summation since July 1st and the City of Atlanta has maintained their moratorium connected events for implicit 50,000 attendees.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge avoiding ample events and gatherings portion the Atlanta Pride Celebration has brought successful implicit 350,000 radical successful caller years.

“With the cognition that we are incapable to unafraid permitting for an lawsuit of our size and with the anticipation that the Delta surge volition proceed for weeks ahead, APC makes this determination with a dense heart,” The Atlanta Pride Committee wrote successful a property release.

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