The top 3 cryptocurrency scams of 2021

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Kaspersky says that fake exchanges, fake mining hardware and wallet phishing are the astir fashionable crypto scams of the year, galore of which it said person a higher-than-usual level of detail.


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Kaspersky has been busily tracking cryptocurrency scams since the opening of 2021, and is present reporting its findings, main among them that this year's scams are incredibly detailed, putting adjacent computer-savvy individuals astatine risk. 

Kaspersky said it has detected much than 1,500 antithetic scams aimed astatine cryptocurrency investors and miners operating successful the archetypal fractional of 2021. The institution besides said its information bundle prevented much than 70,000 attempts to sojourn those sites, which it said were predominantly of 3 types: Fake cryptocurrency exchanges, fake income of crypto mining hardware and phishing pages designed to bargain cryptocurrency wallet backstage keys.

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"Lately, galore person go funny successful cryptocurrencies, and attackers would not walk up the accidental to usage this to their advantage. At the aforesaid time, some those who privation to put oregon excavation cryptocurrency and simply the holders of specified funds tin find themselves connected the fraudsters' radar," said Kaspersky's caput of contented filtering methods development, Alexey Marchenko. 

Marchenko besides described a benignant of scam that was fashionable erstwhile COVID-19 vaccines archetypal appeared: Offering aboriginal entree to vaccines successful speech for bitcoins. "The people needed to marque an beforehand outgo successful bitcoins, with the wealth going to the cybercriminals' relationship and the idiosyncratic receiving thing successful return," Marchenko said. 

The apical types of crypto scams successful 2021 mentioned supra are a spot little targeted, and effort to lure successful anyone funny successful the crypto market. Fake exchanges, for example, effort to lure victims with coupons promising a bitcoin payout successful speech for a verification outgo "usually nary much than 0.005 bitcoin (about $200)," Kaspersky said. That $200 investment, obviously, nets thing successful instrumentality arsenic the criminals vanish into the integer ether from which they came. 

The ongoing global spot shortage whitethorn person triggered the 2nd benignant of scam, successful which cybercriminals nonstop retired messages advertizing a fake crypto mining instrumentality sale of items similar video cards, etc. An beforehand outgo is required, astatine which constituent the criminals vanish with their funds. 

The 3rd benignant involves plain aged phishing, of which Kaspersky didn't spell into detail. Suffice it to say, criminals person created a batch of phishing pages "with assorted contented to bargain backstage keys, which let cybercriminals to summation entree to each integer assets associated with a crypto wallet," Kaspersky said. 

Most troubling of all, Kaspersky said that the crypto scams it is seeing online are incredibly detailed. Fake crypto exchanges, it said, volition often person feeds of existent bitcoin terms information from different sites. The crushed for the details, Kaspersky said, is owed to the precocious obstruction of introduction that comes with investing in, oregon mining, cryptocurrencies. "People investing oregon funny successful this country are often much tech-savvy than the mean user. Therefore, the cybercrooks marque their techniques much analyzable successful bid to get information and wealth from these people," Kaspersky said. 

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These complicated, morganatic looking pages alert successful the look of communal beliefs astir integer scams, which are typically believed to beryllium obvious, riddled with mediocre spelling and casual to spot from a mile away. Outsmarting astute criminals tin beryllium tricky, truthful Kaspersky makes the pursuing recommendations: 

  • Links sent via email, messaging app oregon societal web offering a crypto woody tin beryllium dubious. Don't travel them, and alternatively probe the sanction of the speech oregon online store making the connection to find if they're legitimate.
  • Be wary of highly generous offers: If it's excessively bully to beryllium true, it astir apt isn't.
  • If anyone offers you entree to a crypto-related app that has to beryllium downloaded from extracurricular the authoritative iOS, Android oregon different app store, don't download it. Only apps from trusted sources should beryllium considered safe. 
  • Use a information merchandise that tin observe phishing and different scams. 
  • If you're unsure of the information of an online store instrumentality other precautions, similar studying the site's WHOIS information and looking for a young registration day oregon a backstage owner. If thing seems suspicious don't marque the purchase. 

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