This Borderlands Cosplayer Brings "The Fall Of Handsome Jack" To Life In Incredible Cosplay

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The cosplay assemblage is 1 that I volition ne'er neglect to beryllium successful awe of. The sheer emotion and dedication that goes into crafting our ain spins connected immoderate of the astir beloved characters successful games, movies, and TV is some awesome and inspiring. What's besides inspiring is this Borderlands cosplayer's instrumentality connected the "Fall of Handsome Jack" due to the fact that I was definite this was a screenshot astatine archetypal glance. 

The cosplay relationship is really a duo, Mary and Feinbobi, a mates that usually cosplays unneurotic erstwhile bringing their emotion of gaming to the forefront. The brace has adjacent done a fewer Borderlands cosplays together, but this 1 is solely focused connected the villain we hatred to emotion and emotion to hate: Handsome Jack himself

Mary and Feinobi Cosplay

I've covered rather a fewer of this couple's cosplay conquests in the past and person been pursuing the brace connected Instagram for a fewer years now. Watching however they manipulate constitution and peculiar effects, paired with expertly laid retired lighting and mounting the scene, has been an unthinkable ride. While I don't deliberation I person the patience to ever get to their level of skill, it's ever astonishing to spot what caller originative visions they travel up with next. And this Handsome Jack cosplay? Almost capable to marque maine consciousness atrocious for the character. Almost. 

Mary and Feinobi Cosplay

The photos captured by Aleksander Photography lone adhd to the magic of this peculiar Borderlands tribute, creatively utilizing lighting, shadows, and angles to acceptable the scene. It's a beauteous tribute adjacent if determination isn't a Butt Stallion successful sight. 

Interested successful seeing much from this cosplaying duo? Check retired their Instagram leafage right here! You tin besides store astir successful their Etsy store excessively if you're feeling that cosplay itch too. 

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