This Dragon Age Origins Mod Imports Isabella's Dragon Age 2 Design

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Dragon Age Origins is the archetypal crippled successful the iconic phantasy BioWare series, and for many, it is the astir enjoyable. What was not enjoyable was Isabella's plan successful the archetypal crippled – particularly compared to the sequel. In Dragon Age 2, the fiery pirate became the precise explanation of a "glow up." For those who similar the much personalized benignant of Dragon Age 2's Isabella, this Dragon Age Origins mod gives you what you want. 

Created by modder 'GirlStandStill' implicit on Nexus Mods, this Dragon Age Origins mod does precisely what it promises: it imports the exemplary of the devil-may-care Isabella from Dragon Age 2, bringing her into the archetypal crippled to regenerate her original, much generic-NPC look. 

Personally, I emotion this. Isabella is 1 of my favourite characters successful the Dragon Age-verse. She's flooded truthful overmuch to go who she is, but she inactive has country to turn erstwhile we conscionable her successful Dragon Age 2. Don't we all? Romancing her is 1 of my astir favourite memories from this bid due to the fact that that is erstwhile you genuinely spot her maturation and get to ticker her larn to spot others again and spot her ain voice. I recovered that large to see, and she's a beacon for galore of the different companions, including Fenris, making her a treasured character.

While we met her successful the archetypal game, it wasn't until the sequel that she genuinely stood connected her ain arsenic idiosyncratic special. Bringing her benignant into the archetypal crippled is simply a neat mode to link the 2 titles, making her comeback successful Dragon Age 2 much special. 

If you're interested, you tin cheque retired this mod for PC right here. 

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Thoughts connected Isabella's translation done the years? Any different games you're looking for recommendations about? Shout retired your mod thoughts successful the remark conception below! 

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