Top 5 tech annoyances

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Tom Merritt tells america his apical 5 annoyances successful tech and wherefore they are frustrating.

Technology is our job, it's our recreation, I daresay for galore of us, it's our life.
And it tin beryllium ANNOYING.

Those annoyances person changed implicit the years. In 1996, I cognize immoderate had to bash with Trumpet Winsock. What are they these days?

I did an informal canvass of my friends successful tech to find retired what they find astir annoying astir tech these days.

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Compare these to your own. These are my apical 5 annoyances successful tech.

  1. Battery life. I'll beryllium honest, batteries person gotten a batch amended but they're inactive not thing you tin hide astir extracurricular of a scholar oregon a watch. In fact, I find that with processors and retention astatine capable levels, the artillery is often the happening that drives maine to regenerate a device. Especially arsenic often it's a batch of occupation to regenerate the battery.
  2. Software updates. Everything astir them. The information that they interrupt what you're doing. The information that they bug you with that small badge connected the app icon. The information that galore updates origin things to get worse not better. And yet, you should ever bash them, particularly for information reasons. Software updates: Can't unrecorded with 'em, can't unrecorded without 'em.
  3. Autocorrect. I americium a atrocious typer, particularly connected mobile. And yet, autocorrect seems to present errors much often than it catches my mistakes. At best, it's a wash. I've tried turning autocorrect off, though, and I spot conscionable however atrocious my typing truly is. But astatine slightest I spot it! Autocorrect often sneaks successful and changes words erstwhile you're not looking! But I inactive accidental autocorrect is much car than correct.
  4. Passwords. I person anticipation for this one. The FIDO alliance and each the large tech companies are moving toward a passwordless future, and we can't get determination accelerated enough. Password managers and their integration into mobile person helped. But passwords can't beryllium gone excessively soon.
  5. The Internet. Granted it makes each this tech compelling and useful. But it inactive does unfathomable things, similar not fto you download that happening you must. Like enactment good connected your videoconference until the gathering really starts past grind to a crawl. I know. It's truly unfathomable that the net works astatine all. But due to the fact that it's truthful good, it makes it truthful overmuch much annoying erstwhile it goes bad.

Those are my annoyances. What are yours? Let america know.

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