Trump Is Now Scamming People Into Buying “Freedom Passports” Which He Claims Are Greater Than Vaccine Passports

2 months ago 25
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Not contented with spreading COVID, Donald Trump is present selling state passports, which helium claims are amended than vaccine passports.

Meet The Freedom Passport

Trump’s state passport tin beryllium yours for $45:

Trump’s latest governmental fundraising pitch: selling $45 “freedom passport” t-shirts that helium says are greater than vaccine passports.


Buy A Freedom Passport T-Shirt And Get COVID

Buy a state passport t-shirt from Donald Trump and beryllium denied introduction into anyplace that requires impervious of vaccination. Instead of getting a escaped and harmless vaccine that volition prevention your beingness and the lives of others, bargain a state passport t-shirt and get the acquisition that keeps connected giving, COVID for you, your friends, and your family.

The failed erstwhile one-term president killed 600,000 Americans with his effect to the pandemic and helium is trying to nett disconnected of the decease and demolition that helium is causing.

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