Trump May Have Just Gotten Fox News Sued Again With More Election Lies

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As Fox News is being sued for billions of dollars successful aggregate lawsuits, Maria Bartiromo gave Trump much airtime to prevarication astir the election.


Remember erstwhile Fox News was trying to forestall Trump and institution from lying astir the 2020 predetermination connected its programming? Those days are loooooong gone.


There is nary request to transcribe what Trump said, but helium continues to assertion that Joe Biden was not legally elected, and Fox News is helping him propulsion that claim.

Fox News’s Trump Enabler Hosts Are Going To Put Them Out Of Business

Fox News is already a suspect successful aggregate billion-dollar lawsuits related to their spreading of predetermination lies. The justice successful astatine slightest 1 of those suits appears to beryllium unfastened to the thought that Fox hosts aren’t pushing opinions, but they are relaying mendacious information.

The much Fox gives Trump airtime, the much apt it becomes that they are going to beryllium sued again. The Fox hosts are backmost connected the Trump bandwagon and allowing him to propulsion lies and disinformation. It volition beryllium absorbing to spot however Fox handles Trump if his lies commencement to outgo them ample sums of money.

Trump and his Fox News pals are going to get the web sued, and it is lone a substance of clip earlier Fox has to determine however galore billions of dollars it is consenting to suffer to support Trump’s fragile ego.

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