U.S. Rep Nikema Williams: Child tax credits provide big boost to working families

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By U.S. Representative Nikema Williams

Official representation of U.S. Representative Nikema Williams of Georgia’s 5th Congressional District.

As a moving mom, I cognize firsthand however hard the pandemic has been for families successful Georgia. Parents person had to enactment overtime these past sixteen months managing virtual schoolhouse and their ain jobs, each portion trying to support their families harmless and healthy. I’ve heard truthful galore stories from my constituents astir the accent they person been nether arsenic they juggle paying rent, uncovering kid care, and maintaining a consciousness of normalcy for our children. Thankfully, President Biden and Democrats are delivering important fiscal alleviation to assistance Georgia families get backmost connected their feet.

This week, the Biden-Harris administration’s 2nd monthly kid taxation recognition deed Georgia families’ slope accounts. Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and Democrats successful Congress, millions crossed the authorities are feeling the interaction of these taxation cuts –  91% of families with children successful Georgia are receiving these monthly taxation cuts of up to $1,600 per kid full done December. The families of much than 2.2 cardinal children successful Georgia are present capable to get that small spot of other alleviation to get them done the month.

This programme is 1 of the largest-ever single-year taxation cuts for families with children successful history, putting it among the astir important anti-poverty efforts this state has ever seen. Growing up successful poverty, I intimately knew the quality that each cent made erstwhile it came to keeping the lights connected oregon filling up the fridge. I saw the hard choices that had to beryllium made successful bid to support my household afloat. The American Rescue Plan’s kid taxation recognition programme is virtually life-changing for families struggling to marque ends meet.

The impacts that these taxation cuts person already had crossed the state are bonzer – kid hunger has dropped 24 percent nationwide since the organisation of the archetypal kid taxation chopped successful July. Across the country, this taxation chopped volition payment 66 cardinal kids, assistance 11 cardinal radical retired of poverty, and chopped kid poorness astir successful half. In Georgia alone, our state’s wide kid poorness complaint volition beryllium reduced from 13.6% to 5.9%. That’s astir 171,000 Georgia children who volition nary longer person to wonderment whether determination volition beryllium nutrient connected the array erstwhile they get location oregon whether the lights volition enactment on. Programs similar the kid taxation recognition are authorities moving astatine its champion to assistance up the astir susceptible among america and springiness each kid the accidental to thrive.

I’ve seen however this is changing the lives of families crossed Georgia. Just this week, I met a parent of 2 from Atlanta who shared however she was connected her past limb trying to financially enactment her household done the pandemic. She was brought to tears erstwhile she told maine however overmuch the payments from the kid taxation recognition person helped her supply for her kids and support her family’s heads supra water. This is wherefore elections matter. Having President Biden and Democrats successful complaint means existent people’s lives being made amended each azygous day.

Despite the life-changing benefits of kid taxation credits for moving families crossed the state, each Georgia Republican moving for bureau successful 2022 – from Brian Kemp to the full GOP Senate tract – shamefully opposed these captious taxation cuts. In the midst of a once-in-a-generation pandemic, Republicans person refused clip and again to acceptable speech partisanship to assistance working- and middle-class Georgians. While Republicans’ economical docket lone includes cutting taxes for the richest Americans, the Biden-Harris medication and Democrats are gathering the system from the bottom-up and the middle-out, and it’s working.

Georgia helped present the White House and Congress for Democrats, and present Democrats are delivering for Georgians. President Biden, Vice President Harris, Senator Ossoff, Senator Reverend Warnock, and Georgia’s House Democrats promised america they would enactment families who request it most, and that’s precisely what they’re doing. While we proceed to combat against the pandemic, the kid taxation cuts volition beryllium a lifeline for Georgia families and kids who volition consciousness the interaction of this programme for generations to come.

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