Victoria set to lose first two weeks of AFL finals

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The AFL is acceptable to determination each finals fixtures for the archetypal 2 weeks of the post-season retired of Victoria arsenic the authorities continues to grapple with outbreaks of the Delta variant, according to Eddie McGuire.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews extended the state's existent lockdown until astatine slightest September 2 this week, causing galore to judge that the AFL expansive final would beryllium shifted interstate for the 2nd play running.

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According to McGuire, the Victorian authorities has not yet fixed up anticipation of the showpiece lawsuit being hosted astatine the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with the adjacent 2 weeks captious successful whether the expansive last volition beryllium held.

"I judge that the authorities authorities of Victoria person present handed implicit to the AFL the accidental to determination the archetypal 2 weeks astatine slightest of the finals retired of Victoria successful hunt of crowds," McGuire told 9News Melbourne. "I don't expect determination volition beryllium a last successful Victoria for the archetypal 2 weeks."

The Victorian authorities has not yet fixed up anticipation of the AFL expansive last being held astatine the MCG this twelvemonth (Getty)

"What we present person to look guardant to is: tin Victoria get retired of lockdown successful the adjacent 2 weeks, which would past acceptable up an all-in script for the Victorian authorities to spell for a expansive last inactive astatine the MCG.

"However, if we don't get retired of that lockdown successful the adjacent mates of weeks, past the AFL volition person carte blanche to beryllium capable to merchantability the expansive last to whoever they would similar to."

McGuire added that moving the expansive last retired of Victoria remains the authorities government's "Plan B".

"I deliberation astatine the infinitesimal the Plan B for the authorities authorities of Victoria successful negotiations with the AFL is to instrumentality connected those negotiations, to talk to Western Australia for example, and acceptable that up arsenic Plan B," helium said.

"They inactive privation the MCG [for the expansive final], but the archetypal 2 weeks of the finals determination volition beryllium thing successful Victoria."

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