WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Thinks Americans Citizens Should Have The Same Weapons the Taliban and ISIS Do

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There is nary Trumpier lawmaker successful the state than Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Georgia congresswoman precocious utilized the information that Alabama has 1 of the lowest vaccine rates successful the state arsenic an applause line.

The arguable Rep., who loves comparing things to Nazi Germany, has already filed articles connected impeachment against Joe Biden. And according the Greene, she plans connected doing so, again.

Greene said to Steve Bannon, “I person my squad close present moving connected articles of impeachment. Because I’m truthful disgusted with Joe Biden. You cognize I’ve already filed 1 acceptable of articles of impeachment. But his nonaccomplishment arsenic a president is unspeakable.”

The Georgia Republican continued, “I wouldn’t beryllium amazed astatine each if [the Biden administration] are paying the Taliban. After all, they are paying them with weapons, vehicles, Blackhawk helicopters due to the fact that the Afghan service is handing them implicit arsenic accelerated arsenic possible.”

Greene closed, “Anytime immoderate Democrat ever speaks to America astir weapon power again, and they privation to speech to you astir your AR-15, you archer them close present however galore weapons and however galore semi-automatic weapons did you manus implicit to terrorists successful Afghanistan, to the Taliban, ISIS and imaginable Al-Qaeda earlier you ever speech to Americans astir weapon control.”

There is nary little qualified idiosyncratic successful the American authorities than Greene, truthful comments similar this travel arsenic nary surprise.

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