What Comes With Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut And Ways To Buy Or Upgrade On August 20

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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut releases successful conscionable a fewer days connected Friday, August 20. If you’re similar maine and loved playing the original release connected PS4 past year, you astir apt privation to cognize what’s successful this caller mentation and however to upgrade to it. Well, I’ve dug up each of the pertinent information; each you person to bash is work astir it. How astir that?

While the PlayStation 5 already runs a mentation of Tsushima that boosts its show beyond the erstwhile generation’s capabilities, the Director’s Cut brings much than conscionable a caller overgarment of paint. Jin Sakai volition beryllium making his mode to Iki Island, a neighboring landmass to Tsushima fraught with the Mongol invasion. There’s a full caller run acceptable connected Iki and plentifulness of caller places acceptable to beryllium explored.

That’s not all! Here’s everything that comes with Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut:

  • The implicit Ghost of Tsushima game
  • Iki Island expansion
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (a escaped co-op mode for the archetypal game)
  • A “Hero of Tsushima” tegument set
  • A “Charm of Hachiman’s Favor” in-game item
  • One Technique Point
  • Digital mini creation book
  • Director’s Commentary

Let’s instrumentality a infinitesimal to spotlight that past slug point. Having a commentary diagnostic successful a crippled of this size doesn’t hap often and is doubly absorbing erstwhile the taxable substance focuses connected existent history. In this Director’s Commentary, the originative squad of Sucker Punch brought successful a Japanese historiographer to sermon the differences betwixt the studio’s portrayal in-game compared to the real-life places and events.

For those looking to play Ghost of Tsushima for the archetypal time, your way to the crippled is simple: bargain the afloat Director’s Cut for $59.99 connected PS4 oregon $69.99 connected PS5. Those who preorder the afloat bundle done PSN get entree to the original game immediately. But those who ain the basal crippled already indispensable spell astir things a small differently. Here’s the pricing for upgrading to this caller mentation done the PlayStation Store:

PS4 upgrade to the PS4 Director’s Cut – $19.99
PS4 upgrade to the PS5 Director’s Cut – $29.99
PS4 Director’s Cut upgrade to the PS5 Director’s Cut – $9.99

Keep successful mind, portion you tin preorder the afloat mentation close now, these upgrades volition go disposable to acquisition connected August 20 erstwhile Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches. Enjoy your adventures successful Tsushima and Iki this play and beyond, and ne'er hide to favored those foxes! 

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