What's changed for Brad Fittler as an NRL coach

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Rugby league large Phil Gould has backed Brad Fittler to beryllium "a cardinal per cent much effective" arsenic an NRL manager if helium has a 2nd ace astatine it amid rumours the Eels are funny successful hiring the NSW coach.

With the Eels mired successful a signifier slump that has seen the broadside driblet 4 consecutive matches, fingers person been pointed everywhere, including astatine existent manager Brad Arthur, who has fielded a fig of questions surrounding his aboriginal astatine the club.

Since then, Fittler's sanction has done the rounds arsenic a imaginable coaching solution, but contempt those reports, Fittler has powerfully denied he's funny successful taking implicit Parramatta.

"No, nary I won't beryllium coaching them," Fittler told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

"I haven't spoken to anyone astir Parramatta. No one's mentioned [to me]."

Brad Fittler NSW Blues (Getty)

However, Fittler did tease the thought of 1 time returning arsenic an NRL coach, admitting there's a fig of clubs astatine which he'd fancy an opportunity.

"But I've got to say, it (Parramatta) would beryllium a bully nine to manager at. If I was ever going to coach, it would beryllium a bully nine to manager at... but they're not the lone club," helium said.

"I deliberation the Tigers would beryllium a bully nine to manager at. I emotion the Campbeltown area.

"There's a batch of clubs that I deliberation would beryllium bully clubs to manager at... but that doesn't mean I'm going to coach."

Before taking the Blues occupation successful 2018, Fittler had erstwhile acquisition arsenic a caput manager for the Roosters betwixt 2007 and 2009. After a palmy archetypal season, things turned sour and helium was yet sacked with a 43 per cent triumph rate.

After taking implicit the Roosters mid-season successful 2007, Fittler guided the nine to a top-four decorativeness successful 2008 but was incapable to physique connected that, with the Tricolours finishing with the woody spoon successful 2009.

Phil Gould discusses Brad Fittler's improvement arsenic a coach

According to Gould, a deficiency of coaching mentation earlier taking connected the occupation with the Roosters yet outgo Fittler the accidental to marque a vocation of nine coaching astatine that point.

"The past of Brad's coaching, I deliberation helium took connected a coaching relation earlier helium had fixed it immoderate thought oregon consideration," helium told Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast.

"He had occurrence aboriginal successful that role, but past the deficiency of mentation going into that came against him successful the end. He learned a invaluable lesson.

"I thought that would've turned him off, but what helium did was, helium realised his ain idiosyncratic deficiency of mentation going into that archetypal gig, past went backmost to the precise inferior rep levels and helped enormously with the instauration of the New South Wales' pathway programs."

Brad Fittler during his coaching days astatine the Roosters (Getty)

Gould, besides a erstwhile Roosters coach, suggested Fittler's inability to recognize the mindset of the "average NRL player" is what wounded him the astir during his coaching vocation with his erstwhile side.

"Brad Fittler is to my mind, is an Immortal-class footballer - his grounds successful the crippled is arsenic bully arsenic immoderate subordinate that's played the game," Gould explained.

"I often accidental that sometimes the truly large players conflict to manager the mean players.

"Brad had to larn to bash that, to recognize what the mean NRL subordinate thinks, feels, and the trouble helium has successful learning his ain emotions, oregon his ain development.

"I deliberation Brad's been done each of that now.

"I'm definite if helium took connected an NRL job, helium would bash it wholly otherwise and beryllium a cardinal per cent much effectual than the archetypal clip around."

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