Xbox Game Pass Adding 9 New Games, Starting Today

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Even much Xbox Game Pass titles are joining the ever-evolving library, this clip adding a small much Star Wars into the premix alongside a fewer mind-bending adventures like Twelve Minutes. For those interested, present are the caller Xbox Game Pass games being added this month. 

Before going into what's coming soon to Xbox Game Pass starting today, here's what you request to cognize astir the subscription service. The Xbox Game Pass room continues to alteration with new titles being added and others leaving to marque much room. These additions include day-one launches of deed games to indie darlings that merit a small love. This peculiar rank allows Xbox fans a accidental to person instant entree to an eclectic room without having to ammunition retired $60 for each experience. There are besides 2 options available, the modular Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. The modular work is $9.99 a month, whereas Ultimate costs $14.99 and includes Xbox Live for free. This means successful summation to the Game Pass library, and Ultimate members volition besides get the escaped monthly Games With Gold grabs, arsenic good arsenic peculiar discounts connected definite adventures. 

Now, onto the caller games arriving to Xbox Game Pass, including Cloud titles for mobile and tablet players: 

What's Coming To Xbox Game Pass: 

  • Humankind, PC - Today
  • Need for Speed Heat, Cloud - Today
  • Star Wars Battlefront II, Cloud - Today
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cloud - Today
  • Recompile, Cloud, Console, and PC - August 19
  • Train Sim World 2, Cloud, Console, and PC - August 19
  • Twelve Minutes, Cloud, Console, and PC - August 19
  • Psychonauts 2, Cloud, Console, and PC - August 25
  • Myst, Cloud Console, and PC - August 26

Other Games You May Have Missed:

  • Boyfriend Dungeon, Cloud, Console, and PC - Today
  • Library of Ruina, Cloud, Console, and PC - Today

Xbox Touch Controls Additions: 

  • Hades
  • Bloodroots
  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Going Under
  • Need for Speed Heat 
  • Peggle 2 
  • Psychonauts
  • Wasteland 2
  • Wasteland 3
  • Wasteland Remastered

What's Leaving - August 31:

  • Blair Witch, Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Double Kick, Cloud, Console, and PC 
  • NBA 2K21, Cloud and Console
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game, Cloud, Console, and PC

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