XGIMI Elfin Smart LED projector is designed to be put away

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(Pocket-lint) - XGIMI has launched a caller 1080p HDR10+ projector for the location called the Elfin Smart LED projector that takes connected a much slimline plan compared to the company's erstwhile much stand-up signifier origin recovered successful its Halo, MoGo Pro, and MoGo Pro+ models.

The caller projector is designed to beryllium some tiny capable and portable capable that you shouldn't request a big of further boxes to get the astir from it oregon request to interest astir wherever to store it erstwhile not successful use, thing that can't ever beryllium said for the competition.

Measuring a tiny 192.1mm x 194.19mm x 48.31 mm successful size and weighing little conscionable 900 grams, the caller projector is powered by Android TV 10.


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Users, erstwhile they motion into their Google relationship volition beryllium capable to either watercourse contented straight from their Android telephone oregon tally streaming services natively similar Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and adjacent Apple TV straight via the projector without having to interest astir further acceptable apical boxes acknowledgment to included built successful Wi-Fi successful the device.

The projector adjacent comes with 2 3W Harman / Kardon speakers built in, oregon the quality to link to a Bluetooth talker if you privation a bigger dependable stage. Other connections see a headphone port, HDMI, and USB connections, though the projector doesn't see an Ethernet transportation for those looking for a wired experience.


XGIMI Elfin Smart LED projector is designed to beryllium  enactment     distant  photograph  5

Designed to beryllium utilized astir the house, the Elfin Smart LED projector besides diagnostic the company's Auto Keystone Correction and Auto Focus technology.

It's the aforesaid strategy recovered connected the company's bigger much susceptible 4K projectors, similar the Horizon 4K projector, and rapidly and easy ensures the representation looks bully by making definite it's successful focus, and much interestingly, find you an optimal surface size to debar obstacles connected your partition similar airy switches oregon representation frames - thing that tin beryllium overruled if you truly privation - it's precise clever.

It means that wrong seconds of turning the projector connected you tin beryllium up and moving and watching your favourite shows alternatively than spending the archetypal 10 minutes trying to spot whether you've got the absorption right.

My Take by Stuart Miles Founder and CEO

We've been playing with the caller projector up of the announcement and are impressed with the performance. While this isn't an each singing each dancing 4K projector that you mightiness opt to usage for a dedicated cinema country - would it beryllium bully to person 1 of those - it is cleanable for making a movie nighttime successful your bedroom, plot (if it's dark) oregon surviving country erstwhile you privation thing much breathtaking than conscionable your TV.

There are limitations, understandable fixed the price, but the present seems to beryllium the region you'll request betwixt it and the wall, particularly if you truly privation to consciousness similar you're going to the cinema.

With an 800 ANSI lumens powered FHD solution show up to a surface size of 200-inches this should make a large capable representation for most, though you volition request immoderate region betwixt you and the partition to get it to those sizes. To get a 120-inch surface you'll request a region of 3.2m betwixt it and the partition for example.


Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published connected 20 August 2021.

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